How I Got Lost.

JAE Results.

Posted in Education by Satish Vijay on January 31, 2009

I turned on my cellphone yesterday morning and there were like twenty text messages asking me what school and course I got into. As I searched through the messages, I couldn’t find the one with my JAE results. Then about a half an hour later (8:30 AM) I received this text saying that I got accepted into Singapore Polytechnic’s Biotechnology.

My reaction? I started screaming “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! SHIT! FUCK! STUPID SHIT! FUCK! DAMN SHITTY FUCKBALLS!”  (real classy, i know)

I really wanted Biomedical Science. Biotechnology was my third choice. Biomedical (Singapore Polytechnic) was my first and Biomedical (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) was my second.

Yeah, you’re probably wondering why I chose Biotechnology if I didn’t like it. Well, I didn’t really like any other course except for Biomedical Science. So basically, my 3rd to 12th choice were not of my greatest interest.

I went to the Singapore Polytechnic website and I looked up more on the course (something I should’ve done way way way earlier). Well, it turns out that Biotechnology is basically more about the plants, cells and DNA. Now, I’m scared because those were the topics that I weren’t good at in Biology.

There’s no point appealing.  The chances are very slim. Oh well. I mean, in a way I should be grateful right? Because I managed to get into Singapore Polytechnic. It’s like the best Polytechnic. And Biotechnology is a good course , or so I’ve heard.


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