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Gossip Girl Losing It’s Touch?

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television Shows by Satish Vijay on March 24, 2009

Just watched the latest episode of Gossip Girl. Yeah, it’s nice to watch. And yeah, I still like it. But I’m not sure for how long. I mean, Gossip Girl started off with a bang. Like the whole Jenny storyline. That was nice. And the one with Georgina. Now it’s turning a little predictable and there’s no more edge to it. Is Gossip Girl losing it’s touch? At the rate it’s going, it’ll be as boring as…… hmmm… ohhh I dont’ know…. as boring as the X-Files. Now that was a bloody boring show!

On the plus side, the cast is still hot with the exception of Serena. Sorry, but I don’t see the hotness in her. Maybe it’s because I prefer brunettes.


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