How I Got Lost.

Don’t Forget.

Posted in Education, Friends, Random Thoughts by Satish Vijay on April 17, 2009

Okay, so school’s started. Well, not exactly. The orientation was this week. Classes and stuff officially start next week.
Wait….. my thoughts are all jumbled up. Let’s do this in an orderly fashion.

1. I checked out my school schedule online. It’s pretty interesting. Thursdays are going to be tiring though. Lessons end early on Wednesday and Friday, thus making myself available to do Tennis as my CCA.

2. Last Friday was rough. When I said bye to Aqilah. Very emotional. I knew we would be seeing each other soon. It’s just that, during the holidays I was so used to seeing her at least once every week. Now, what with school and all, I’ll see her much less. Furthermore, she isn’t much of a fan on cellphones, so it’s difficult to contact her. Some part of me feels like I’ve lost a best friend.

3. My class. Very different from my Secondary School class. So far, they’ve been nice to me. But it’s difficult to socialize with them, for me. I mean, I guess it’s because I pretty much suck at making friends. Like, seriously. I really do suck in making friends. When I’m with them, I’m constantly trying to come up with a topic to talk about. And it’s difficult. I’m so used to talking to Wanqin and Aqilah about random things. We don’t have to think of what to say next. The conversations we have are easy.

4. I really need to socialize more. Be more fun. My new classmates are nice. They seem to be able to talk to one another like they’ve known each other for ages.



7. After Flag Day, I met up with Shi Ning, Zhi Siong and Li Ying. We went to the Freshman Orientation party for awhile. Ate some food. I’m never one to pass up an opportunity to eat food free-of-charge. How Singaporean of me. It was nice seeing them. But it just feels like we’ve drifted apart, in a way. It’s not like last time. I guess Zhi Siong’s got his new friends, so has Shi Ning. They say they want to meet up more in the future to study or just hang out, and I just nod my head in agreement. But obviously, probably when we meet, one won’t be able to make it, then when we try to meet on another occasion, another probably won’t be able to make it too, and eventually, we just forget about the idea of meeting up and we gradually stop talking to each other, except for the occasional “Hello” when we walk past one another in the hallway or something.

8. Thank you to Wanqin. God damn it. She’s amazing. I seriously would not have been able to make it through this week without her. The frequent text messages. Keeping me updated on her life. Giving me pep talks on how I’ll be able to make friends and that I shouldn’t worry. I fucking miss sitting next to her in class and laughing at the fact that she can never zip up her pencil case properly (Inside joke) or how beautiful and big her pink bra is (Another inside joke). I miss talking about her drama group and my “best friend” and how “lovely” he is to me. Haha. It could be said that Wanqin is, not only my best friend/brother, but also my own personal therapist (:

9. Twitter has been very addictive lately.

10. At the beginning of last week, I weighed in at 60 KG. Today, I weight 57 KG. Yes, I’ve lost 3 KG in one week. And I’m happy that I lost the weight. But I’m totally confused at the fact that I look much fatter than last week. Someone, please explain to me how this is possible?


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