How I Got Lost.

The Girl In White.

Posted in Random Thoughts by Satish Vijay on April 24, 2009

I’m obsessing over this girl in white. She’s just so pretty. She’s cute. She dresses real nice… and did I mention how hot I find her? Haha. Yes, I’m crushing hard. Really really really hard! Weird thing is, I’m crushing on someone else too. I’ve never liked two people at once.

Today, after school, I went to Vivo with most of my class. We had to do that “Shopping Experience” project. Topman was practically calling out to me. Haha. Tried eating at Food Republic. The food there was pretty good. It was my first time eating there. There surely will be a second time soon. Oh, Haziyah just got crazy excited just now. Haha. She’s totally obsessed with those really bright colored jeans. Haha.

I hate the mixed signals you’re giving me, dude. It’s just so confusing. But like Wanqin said, I should just fake a smile, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Speaking of big boobed brothers, I received Wanqin’s long-distance mail yesterday. I was so bloody excited. It was awesome. Like really awesome. From the paper, to the colors to the really nice things she said. I LOVE YOU TOO, YOU CRAZY GONG! (:

Tomorrow: “How To Be” movie with Aqilah at Orchard.

Random: I am so jealous of my dad’s new Blackberry. His old one, the one with the camera, got spoilt. So his boss gave him the newest model. IT’S SO DAMN PRETTY!

P.S. I was at Forever 21 with my group just now. Bloody hell! One of the salesperson was my ex. We literally just looked at each other for what seemed like a minute. Awkward much?


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  1. Aqilah said, on April 28, 2009 at 8:33 AM

    I could make a song with the title ”The Girl In White”

    She’s so rad
    Oh she makes me mad
    I can’t seem to get it right
    Am I in love with that girl in white?

    Da dadadada dada!

    You get the idea lol.

    • Satish Vijay said, on April 28, 2009 at 8:59 AM

      Yes Yes YES! I love it. Haha. Make a song! I’ll do some free advertising of your song on my blog (:

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