How I Got Lost.

No Offence.

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television Shows by Satish Vijay on May 19, 2009

If you want to write about how much pain you’re feeling or how much heartbreak you’ve experienced, write it properly please? It’s just frustrating to see people trying  to write heartfelt entries when all their grammar, punctuation, spelling and tenses are all wrong.

I know, I’m such a grammar freak, and I’m absolutely obsessed with everything being in the proper tense and stuff.

Tomorrow: American Idol. Who will win? Adam is more deserving but I still want Kris to win. I mean, he has a more artistic appeal to him. He’s more soulful. I’m not saying Adam’s not appealing at all. Damn, that guy can sing notes that aren’t even possible to sing, but well… I don’t know.. I just want Kris to win. And this is utterly irrevelant but I was reading PerezHilton (I need my daily dosage of juicy celebrity gossip) and he posted a picture of Adam and his rumored boyfriend. They totally match (:


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