How I Got Lost.

Pink Bras….. Always There For Support.

Posted in Friends, Random Thoughts by Satish Vijay on September 8, 2009

Bra & Shit

I love Wanqin. I do. I really do.
& I can say it all day long.

Bloody hell, she’s been there for me through so much shit. No pun intended.

See, I guess she’s like one of the very few people I actually like to text. I actually like to talk to. I’ve told her more than anyone. 4 years and counting.

Bra, you’re amazing, although you’re a pervert who love old wrinkly men and is always constipated.


Prego Prego Prego!

Posted in Photographs by Satish Vijay on September 4, 2009

yummy yummy screw screw
Rihanna in the new Vogue Italia.
I didn’t have much on my mind so I didn’t know what to blog about.