How I Got Lost.

Pink Bras….. Always There For Support.

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Bra & Shit

I love Wanqin. I do. I really do.
& I can say it all day long.

Bloody hell, she’s been there for me through so much shit. No pun intended.

See, I guess she’s like one of the very few people I actually like to text. I actually like to talk to. I’ve told her more than anyone. 4 years and counting.

Bra, you’re amazing, although you’re a pervert who love old wrinkly men and is always constipated.


Food For Thought.

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Okay, this is dedicated to W. This post is purely to make her jealous (:

I went out today to celebrate Father’s Day. I know it’s tomorrow, but my brother has work and I have piano lesson, so we decided to celebrate it today. We went to Vivo. Blehhh. Vivo is boring. It’s big and stuff but really boring. Anyways, we ate at White Dog Cafe. The last time I went there was like in January, with my brother. After that, we just walked around a bit. Then we went for dessert at….. BEN & JERRY’S !!! Okay, here’s what I ate today:

Chicken Mushroom Soup With Garlic Bread

Chicken Mushroom Soup With Garlic Bread

Cheesy Baked Rice Filled with Pork Chops & Black Pepper Sauce

Cheesy Baked Rice Filled with Pork Chops & Black Pepper Sauce

Cake Batter & Chocolate Therapy Flavored Ice Cream With Hot Fudge Brownies, Topped With M&M's

Cake Batter & Chocolate Therapy Flavored Ice Cream With Hot Fudge Brownies, Topped With M&M's

Wanqin’s probably screaming in envy right now. Be jealous babe, be very jealous 🙂

P.S. I think the celebrations are off. Ashiela said she can’t make it. It’ll not be nice without her. URGH.

2 Down… 3 To Go…

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So, Adlin and Aqilah are free.
What about Ashiela, Hamidah and Zulaiha?

P.S. June 24th bitches. TRANSFORMERS 2 = MEGAN FOX = SEX ON A STICK!
P.S.S. I want to watch The Proposal. Sandra Bullock is the shizzz. Fo sho. I mean come on… have you SEEN Miss Congeniality? Undercover cop. Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot!

Mellow No More!

Posted in Friends, Photographs by Satish Vijay on June 18, 2009
Tape Road.

Photographer: Nelly

Mellow. That’s how my life’s been lately.
I’ve been really into photography lately.
I constantly read poems and quotes,
and I’ve been listening to lots of classical
and jazz music.
Mellow. Mellow. Mellow. Very nice.

But next week I want to go crazy.
It’s my birthday. JUNE 26, and I want to
celebrate my birthday with some friends.
Wanqin, Aqilah, Zulaiha, Ashiela, Adlin,
Hamidah, Jeremy Hue and Huda.
Anyone else is welcomed to come.

(Sadly, Wanqin can’t make it. Hue is at his motherland and Huda has school)

So people, when are we going out? Let me know asap.


Photographer: Satish

Photographer: Satish

Anyways, both today and yesterday I went back to school with Nelly, Haziyah, Vikknesh, Susan (only today) and Dixon (only today). I went back yesterday to do my Chemistry Report on how to prepare aspirin and stuff. Then today, I had to do this Cell Biology project. Basically, we had to make a 3 dimensional model of these proteins and polar head thingamajigs. It was fun. Pictures were uploaded on my Facebook. Go check them out (:

On to a more emotional note. I feel stupid. I like you. You give me the yips. But when I go online, and you’re online, you don’t talk to me. Then I get all sad. Then you do something like text me, then I get happy. Then I start thinking that maybe you actually do want to talk to me. Then the whole pretending I don’t exist thing happens again and I get all sad. You toy with my emotions. Why do I still like you?

Monkey Boy & Bag Lady

“Don’t you hate that? Uncomfortable silence. Why do we feel it’s necessary to talk about bull in order to feel comfortable? That’s when you know you’ve found somebody really special. When you can just shut the hell up for a minute and comfortably share a silence.”
– Pulp Fiction.


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Went to JE library to do that stupid RWP project thingamajig. I came late. Ahhh whatever. We sort of finished. We just have to finalize a couple more things. So guess who we saw roaming around the library? SUSAN : ) Okay, so she wasn’t roaming around. She was trying to find a place to sit so she could study. We ate lunch after. Okay, here comes the shocking part. I ATE AN INTESTINE TODAY! Haha. It was a dare. They told me that if I didn’t, I wasn’t a man. Haha. I wanted to prove that I was a man. I ate pork intestine. IT TASTES LIKE SOMEONE FUCKING FARTED IN MY MOUTH! It was all squishy. SQUISHY, GOD DAMN IT. Fuck, I felt like throwing up there and then, but I didn’t.

I only agreed to do it for two reasons.

  1. To show them that I was a man.
  2. Susan said if I ate it, she would eat pork liver, which she really really really really really hates.

So it was a win-win thing afterall. Urgh, the taste was just mafarkin disgusting. There are only three types of pork I don’t mind eating. BBQ, roasted or charsiew. Other than that, pork=fucking crap. Oh well, at least it proves I got some balls.

P.S. Jon and YJ are trying to get me to eat duck. NEVER! I don’t care what they say. They can call me gay, they can call me stupid, they can call me a loser, but I ain’t eating no Daffy.

Oh, For The Love Of…. W

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Hide & Seek
“So here’s to us. The kids that never give up. The kids that, through all the heartbreak and sadness, never lose their smile. the kids that keep looking forward, excited about what’s coming, even when we don’t know what it is. Here’s to the kids that can never be brought down.”

Dedicated to W. THE one and only gossip queen : )


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Zulaiha And I, Webcam #1

Zulaiha And I, Webcam #2

Cute Soap-Stuffing-In-His-Ass Monkey Boy And Sexy Bushy Boob Lifting Bag Lady!

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Vikknesh And I

Damn Those Stupid First Impressions!

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You know how when you meet someone for the first time, they’re all nice? Well, you know how you get to know them and then realize they actually aren’t? Two people. Two people in this school. I thought they were all nice. They were nice in the begining. Now…… they’re just total asswipes. URGH!

Anyways, I’d like to apologize to Zulaiha and the gang. I wanted to go so bad that day! I wanted to see everyone! I wanted to get my revenge on Ashiela! HAHA. But I was sick. Stupid cold.

Andddddddd……… GOSSIP GIRL’S SEASON FINALE WAS FUCKING AWESOME!  LOVED IT! Chuck and Blair, TOGETHER! WOOOHOO! Okay, now I’ve got to get back to work.

P.S. I’m sarcastic. I know that. That’s just who I am. If you don’t like it, fuck off then. If you don’t want to be my friend because of that, then fuck off too. I don’t give a shit anymore. I mean, it’s like telling an Indian, “I don’t want to be your friend because y0u’re Indian.” They’re Indian, and they can’t change that fact. Just like how I can’t stop being sarcastic. It’s me. It’s my way of being funny. And I’m sorry if it comes off as mean. Actually, I’m not sorry if it comes off as mean. I mean, like seriously?!  Stop being such a damn baby! GROW UP! Everything’s mean to you people!

Greetings, My Fellow Trekkies.

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Okay, I’ve been busy, so for fuck’s sake, stop asking me why I haven’t updated. I’ll make this short.

Wanqin is like the best. THE BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST BEST! Could she BE anymore awesome? (channelling my inner Chandler)

I need some good ol’ hot pants now, just like Fungus’ one (:

Lady Gaga is the sex!

I always despised Star Trek and I still do. The old one I mean. I went to watch the new one on Saturday night and it was bloody awesome. I am officially a…. wait for it……. wait a little more………. TREKKIE :]

Uhura is the shiz…. FERRR SUREEE!

Arigato bitches.